Autumn in Luxembourg: Su-Mei Tse at MUDAM

This surprising union of used materials, Many Spoken Words, (2009) by Luxembourgish artist Su-Mei Tse (1973), sets off a multitude of associations. Forming from a basin, dark black ink gushes forth from a garden fountain of baroque inspiration and, as the artist remarks, “expresses the idea of the whole process of language: the way an initial thought or idea develops first into spoken, and then into written words” (Su-Mei Tse). Through this work, as much visual as it is sonorous, the artist pays homage to literature, evoking the infinite potential of words and the eternal renewing of creation. The multiple and incessant drops of Many Spoken Words make the fluidity of the spirit, words, and creativity perceptible, and leave indelible traces. – MUDAM.

A photo diary of the three nights I spent in Luxembourg xx


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