Art in Paris: Johan Creten & Josh Sperling at Galerie Perrotin

“Johan Creten is considered a precursor of the ceramics revival in contemporary art… Through his use of clay, his proven knowledge of the materials, his careful attention to glazing, and his thoroughly physical grasp of the medium, he restored ceramics to majestic grace and paved the way for young contemporary artists. The work of Johan Creten raises ceramics from a poor relation to a noble art.” – Galerie Perrotin on Johan Creten, Sunrise/Sunset.

“Sperling’s dynamic clusters of brightly colored forms blur the lines between painting and sculpture, image and object. Though each shaped canvas is distinct, it relies on other forms in the field of compositional coherence and energy. Often asymmetrical and happily off-kilter, a cluster is always satisfying in its surprising arrangement… they straddle painting and sculpture daringly, venturing form the wall and intruding into the space joyfully.” – Danny Kopel on Josh Sperling, Chasing Rainbows.

Galerie Perrotin Paris

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Autumn in Paris: Montmartre, Street Art & Haussmann Architecture

J’aime l’automne, cette triste saison va bien aux souvenirs. Quand les arbres n’ont plus de feuilles, quand le ciel conserve encore au crépuscule la teinte rousse qui dore l’herbe fanée, il est doux de regarder s’éteindre tout ce qui naguère brûlait encore en vous.

– Novembre, Gustave Flaubert

Je jouis infiniment Je la beauté douce et tranquille de cette fin d’été, de ce début d’automne. Il y a, en cette saison, un parfum de mélancolie émouvante, suave, dont je me sens profondément imprégné. J’ai l‘impression qu’en cette saison quasiment crépusculaire, les âmes sont meilleures et les cœurs plus sensibles… Et pourtant, on continue à se battre.

Paroles de Poilus: Lettres et carnets du front, lettre 2, 5 octobre 1917, Henry Lange

A photo diary of autumn in Paris xx

Autumn, Paris

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Arts Off The Beaten Track: Paris Museums and Galleries Worth the Detour

As an arts lover in Paris, you’re spoilt for choice. But once you’ve ticked off all the major art museums and galleries – such as the Louvre and Musée D’Orsay – you might want to explore some of the lesser-known options in the city with the added bonus of avoiding long queues, crowds, and sometimes even entry fees. Here’s our guide to arts off the beaten track:

Palais de Tokyo

Constructed in 1937 for the Exposition Internationale des Arts et TechniquesPalais de Tokyo was designed to house the modern art collections of both the French state and the city of Paris. During World War II, its basement was used to store pillaged Jewish goods and property. Superseded in its original purpose by the opening of Centre Pompidou, the building was eventually gutted and abandoned. The Palais de Tokyo as we now know it was inaugurated in 2002.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Palais de Tokyo

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