Florence – Ytalia: Energy Thought Beauty: It’s All Connected

In one of the vaults of Assisi’s Upper Basilica, at the end of 1200, Cimabue, wrote “Ytalia” in the margin of a painting of a city, almost certainly Rome:  a very early affirmation of the existence of Italian civilization.  With this mark, Cimabue sanctioned that national boundaries are artistic before political and that national identity is made up of classic and humanistic culture, pagan beauty and Christian spirituality.

Ytalia offers the national and international public the opportunity to encounter some of the major artists of our times. Over 100 contemporary works of art at Forte di Belvedere and throughout the city: “a veritable museum of contemporary art, in the heart of the city, between interior and exterior, between the Middle Ages and Renaissance, between museums and gardens, funerary chapels and areas of political life, galleries and studios, cloisters and crypts” – Ytalia.

A photo diary of Ytalia: Energy Thought Beauty: It’s All Connected in Florence xx

Florence, Italy

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