Christmas in Japan: A Tour of the Golden Triangle

Best of Japan Tour Winter with Japanese Alps: Snow Monkeys

A tour of “The Golden Triangle of Japan” plus highlights of the Shikoku Island and Chugoku regions. Including culture, architecture, nature, traditional Japanese cuisine to 21st century sights.


Tokyo / Lake Kawaguchi / Matsumoto / Yudanaka / Takayama / Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa / Kyoto / Uji / Nara / Osaka / Himeji / Kurashiki / Hiroshima / Shimanami Kaido / Oobokekyo Gorge / Kotohira / Takamatsu / Kobe / Naoshima


Tokyo Fish Market / Mount Fuji / Snow Monkeys / Gassho-Zukuri Architecture / The Golden Pavilion / Fushimi Inari Shrine / Yayoi Kusama / Tadao Ando Architecture

A photo diary of two weeks I spent in Japan over Christmas xx


Shibuya, Tokyo

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Autumn in Luxembourg: Su-Mei Tse at MUDAM

This surprising union of used materials, Many Spoken Words, (2009) by Luxembourgish artist Su-Mei Tse (1973), sets off a multitude of associations. Forming from a basin, dark black ink gushes forth from a garden fountain of baroque inspiration and, as the artist remarks, “expresses the idea of the whole process of language: the way an initial thought or idea develops first into spoken, and then into written words” (Su-Mei Tse). Through this work, as much visual as it is sonorous, the artist pays homage to literature, evoking the infinite potential of words and the eternal renewing of creation. The multiple and incessant drops of Many Spoken Words make the fluidity of the spirit, words, and creativity perceptible, and leave indelible traces. – MUDAM.

A photo diary of the three nights I spent in Luxembourg xx


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14th Biennale de Lyon: Floating Worlds curated by Emma Lavigne

In a context of relentless globalization, generating constant mobility and accelerated flow – the “liquidity” of the world and of identities in Zygmunt Bauman’s analysis – the Biennale is exploring the legacy and scope of the concept of “modernity” in the art of our time. We have taken the poet Baudelaire’s definition of modernity as “the transient, the fleeting, the contingent; one half of art, the other being the eternal and the immovable.”

The Biennale unfolds as an atmospheric and expanding, mobile landscape that is constantly reconfiguring itself in the manner of some of the masterpieces of modernity from the Centre Pompidou (National Museum of Modern Art) – here celebrating its 40th anniversary. – Biennale de Lyon.

A photo diary of the Biennale de Lyon xx

Lyon, France

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Autumn in Normandy: Monet’s Garden and Rouen

“It took me some time to understand my water lilies… I cultivated them with no thought of painting them… One does not fully appreciate a landscape in one day… And then, suddenly, I had a revelation of the magic of my pond. I took my palette. From this moment, I have had almost no other model.”

“For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life – the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value.” – Claude Monet

A photo diary of a day trip in Normandy at Monet’s Garden and Rouen xx

Monet's Garden, Giverny

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Florence – Ytalia: Energy Thought Beauty: It’s All Connected

In one of the vaults of Assisi’s Upper Basilica, at the end of 1200, Cimabue, wrote “Ytalia” in the margin of a painting of a city, almost certainly Rome:  a very early affirmation of the existence of Italian civilization.  With this mark, Cimabue sanctioned that national boundaries are artistic before political and that national identity is made up of classic and humanistic culture, pagan beauty and Christian spirituality.

Ytalia offers the national and international public the opportunity to encounter some of the major artists of our times. Over 100 contemporary works of art at Forte di Belvedere and throughout the city: “a veritable museum of contemporary art, in the heart of the city, between interior and exterior, between the Middle Ages and Renaissance, between museums and gardens, funerary chapels and areas of political life, galleries and studios, cloisters and crypts” – Ytalia.

A photo diary of Ytalia: Energy Thought Beauty: It’s All Connected in Florence xx

Florence, Italy

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57th Biennale di Venezia: Viva Arte Viva curated by Christine Macel

The 57th International Art Exhibition, titled Viva Arte Viva, opened to the public from Saturday May 13th to Sunday November 26th, at the Arsenale and Giardini venues, and in several locations in Venice. The show featured 120 invited artists, of which 103 were participating for the first time, 86 National Participations, a Special Project, and 23 Collateral Events.

The Exhibition offered a route that unfolded over the course of nine chapters or families of artists, beginning with two introductory realms in the Central Pavilion in the Giardini, followed by seven more realms to be found in the Arsenale and the Giardino delle Vergini. “Viva Arte Viva is an Exhibition inspired by humanism” declared Christine Macel.

Viva Arte Viva is an exclamation, a passionate outcry for art and the state of the artist. Viva Arte Viva is a Biennale designed with artists, by artists and for artists.” – Christine Macel, La Biennale di Venezia.

A photo diary of the Biennale di Venezia xx

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Spring in Amsterdam: Canal Houses, Tulips and Art


“Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world only, our own, we see that world multiply itself and we have at our disposal as many worlds as there are original artists, worlds more different one from the other than those which revolve in infinite space, worlds which, centuries after the extinction of the fire from which their light first emanated, whether it is called Rembrandt or Vermeer, send us still each one its special radiance.” ― Marcel Proust

A photo diary of a week I spent in Amsterdam in spring xx


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Rome: Annette Messager at Villa Medici

Annette Messager is one of French art’s most respected international figures. Sculpting an eccentric, dreamlike path through and around the Villa Medici, Messager shows that for her places are linked to the body and to skin. “All my work,” she has said, “speaks only of the body.”
Her creations are built around women’s everyday existences, exploring their rebellions, their fears, and their fantasies with the help of scraps of fabric, color pencils, doctored images, and a jumble of nightmarish chimeras involving steel spikes, dolls, and hooded soft toys. – Villa Medici.

A photo diary of two nights in Rome xx

Florist, Rome, Italy

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